CVT Endorses Sherman, Campbell

Mark Sherman (Ward 1), A.J. Campbell (Ward 5)

Community Vision for Takoma is endorsing two additional candidates in the City of Takoma Park 2022 election. After considering the Ward 1 Forum and Ward 5 Forum held this week, in addition to questionnaire responses, experience, and engagement with the life of our City:

  • CVT is endorsing Mark Sherman for Ward 1
  • CVT is endorsing A.J. Campbell for Ward 5

Mark Sherman has a deep understanding of multiple City issues, a long record of engaging with the City, and great dedication and sincerity. As a former journalist, he is committed to transparency, accountability, and the truth. He would bring his knowledge of environmental issues, transportation issues, and housing issues, and his perspective as a renter who is car-free and walks and uses public transportation exclusively. He also has the strongest record of the three candidates in this race of opposing the (rejected) plan for Takoma Junction.

A.J. Campbell is far and away the most knowledgeable and experienced candidate in the Ward 5 race in terms of engagement with City issues. She has already spent years helping to engage her Ward through meetings and written communication, and as an advocate on issues including passing Countywide legislation to require window guards to prevent children from falling. A.J. is frank, and funny, and would be a breath of fresh air on the Council. She also has the strongest record of the three candidates in this race of opposing the (rejected) plan for Takoma Junction.

Who else is CVT Endorsing?

  • CVT has endorsed Jarrett Smith for Mayor. Read the questionnaire responses from all three Mayoral candidates below our Mayoral endorsement.
  • CVT has endorsed Randy Gibson for Ward 3. Read the questionnaire responses from 12 out of 15 Ward candidates HERE.


CVT is an informal network of neighbors who first came together around the use of public land at Takoma Junction, and continue to work on community issues. We do not have a formal organization. We work by consensus. At our center is a varying group of about 20 residents who meet regularly to discuss what’s happening in Takoma Park and to plan communications and advocacy. Our work includes attending City Council meetings, alerting residents to issues before the City, and encouraging participation in the City’s democratic processes.

CVT does not collect or donate funds to support candidates, and is not a Political Action Committee. 

Author: Susan Katz Miller

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