An Alternative Plan for Takoma Junction


Revitalization of Takoma Junction by development can take many forms. Here is a lighter, less dense version that creates public space for events, outdoor markets, or community use, and preserves Co-op functioning, while adding a coffee shop, pub, food hub, and/or business incubator/worker training components. This plan provides for off-street unloading, and eliminates underground parking. It utilizes “flex space” with thoughtful design and timed usage programming to accomplish more with less:


takoma junction_comm vision_img2 (2)


Takoma Junction - Site Plan - A4b (3) (1)


This plan was based on a Community Vision for Takoma Junction group concept, and created by local design and construction professionals Joseph Klockner and Rick Vitullo. It is adaptable for multiple uses, is less expensive, and more sustainable.


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Author: Susan Katz Miller

2 thoughts on “An Alternative Plan for Takoma Junction”

  1. I like the counterbalance this has compar d to the fully built out design. But what would/could a 2/3 or 3/4 built out version be like? If coop can’t live with fully built out. And NDC wants full build out. What is the in between level of build out that might please coop, community and a willing developer?

  2. I do hope that we will be able to hold Food Truck Fridays and Beer Fests at this site for many years to come! This design seems as if it would be possible.

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